Inspired by timeless European classics of the finest designs and hand crafted from premium artisan leather, VIVER Leather is a luxury Australian couture destination for women who like the best things in life. From designer work bags to exclusive totes and casual crossbodies, VIVER collection includes artful masterpieces, to carry yourself in style.

VIVER story began in beautiful Melbourne - the city of amazing vibe, contrasts and incredibly gorgeous landscapes. We drew our inspiration from the Australian fashion capital with its cosmopolitan atmosphere and leisurely paced life, which prompted creation of the unique brand of luxury leather bags that add elegance, grace and poise to any wardrobe. Like Melbourne which blends different cultures, opportunities and great lifestyle, VIVER leather bags combine time-proven luxury designs with the premium of leathers, making them an ideal carryall for women who carry it all.

While Australian by spirit, VIVER Leather bags are hand crafted in Brazil – the country with extensive farming and agriculture, which has been supplying the leading Italian leather bags brands for decades. Brazil reputation as “the country of leather” is also very much enjoyed by world-renowned leather shoe brands which know that the most comfortable and lasting shoes come with the label “Made in Brazil”.

By connecting with original manufacturers of artisan, carefully selected leather, VIVER brings high class leather bags for women without the markup of luxury brands. This honourable place between fast fashion and overpriced luxury brands gives us confidence to offer products that stand the test of time both in their design and their quality.

VIVER names comes from Portuguese and means “to live”. To live your life in full, enjoy its ups and overcome its downs, with confidence and irresistible elegance, is the essence of the VIVER brand.

Join us and choose your VIVER leather bag that elevates your style.

This is where the romance begins…

Julie Medeiros
Founder / Owner of VIVER Leather