Having a beautiful handbag is not enough for creating a beautiful ensemble. It is important to wear it beautifully. This in turn comes to its coordination with your wardrobe, your body type and the occasion. 

Whether your handbag collection includes a few or many bags, it’s worth remembering DO’s and DONT’s about carrying a handbag.


  • When creating business wardrobes, choose handbags made of leather so they add to your professional look. Leather handbags are always an appropriate accessory when your outfits are based on high quality and elegant pieces.
  • Choose accessories according to the dominant colour of your clothes and make sure they do not compete with your outfit. Remember: accessories are meant to accessorise, or add accents to your outfits. Ideally, you want to have 2-3 colour outfit. Reserve 1 or 2 for your clothes, and leave the third to your handbags and other accessories. For example, if you choose to wear a navy or grey colour business dress, then you may like to add a handbag in classic black colour. However, if your occasion is more casual, go for a contrast colour bag like tan or bordeau, to create a coordinating ensemble.
  • Casual outfits, like jeans or sweaters, go well with utilitarian totescrossbodies or backpacks. Business wardrobes pair well with handbag that has a detachable strap to give you versatility of carrying.
  • Monochrome ensembles welcome contrast. By adding a bright colour handbag you create a statement and draw attention to.


  • Do not wear bags with a long strap below your hips. Make sure your strap is adjusted so the bag is hanging at the comfortable height. Overly long bags make the look disproportional and unkempt.
  • Do not fall into the trap: bright handbags are for spring-summer months, neutral bags are for autumn winter months. If your winter base or capsule wardrobe includes classic colours like white, grey or black, it’s totally fine to accessorize your outfits with a contrast colour bag, such as tan or red. However, keep in mind the occasion and the overall colour balance.
  • Do not choose colours of your handbag that make your ensemble a multi colour drawing. Instead, decide the dominant and complementary colour of your clothes, and make sure your handbag accentuates them or contrasts them in a balanced way.
  • Formal outfits traditionally require small bags, like clutches or top handle bags, so avoid big bags, like totes.
  • Do not keep the bag strap if you are not using it. Detach it if you do not need it for the moment and attach again when you are going to wear your bag over the shoulder.

Tastefully built wardrobes do not require too many items. However those that are selected, should be of high quality, great practicality and express your individuality. When choosing a handbag, make sure it serves 2 purpose: 1) it fits everything you need to have with you and 2) it accessorises your outfit beautifully, based on the style and colour combination 3) it is selected and carried correctly.

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