There are factors which contribute to the quality of the bag, and there are factors that add little value to it. In this article we talk about 4 things to look for in the highest quality leather bags. This is where the craftsmanship goes to, in order to create a truly luxury masterpiece which you enjoy wearing and are proud of showing.

  •    - Material
  •    - Sawing 
  •    - Hardware 
  •    - Handles, Straps & Finishing


Fabric, plastic, genuine leather, leather imitation – the list can go on when it comes to choosing the ideal bag for work, travel, causal or formal wear. While a bag may appeal aesthetically, it is worth knowing the properties of the material it is made of because it determines the bag quality and its so called wearability in daily use.

  •    Fabric Bags. Today, soft bags made of fabric are almost a commodity in every household. Even if you are not necessarily a fan of fabric bags, it is hard to resist one due to emerging printing technology on fabric which allows personalisation and depiction of any imaginable pattern, to appeal any taste. However, fabric is rather fragile, easily stained and not resistant (for example to humidity, so keep under shelter during rain if you are wearing a fabric bag). 
  •    Synthetic Leather Bags. Synthetic bags (also called vegan bags) are a cheaper solution of owing a bag without breaking the budget. However, the same is the yield. If you take a close look at details and sawing of synthetic leather bags, you'll notice that tiny little holes where the needle goes to pass the thread, easily come apart when stretched Over time and with the weight of the bag contents, they will be easily broken without any chance of restoring. This is a perfect example of fast fashion bags which keep the look at the beginning, and start losing original appearance pretty quickly. In addition, if you live or travel to cold climates, synthetic bags do not withhold negative temperatures and start cracking. 
  •    Real Leather Bags. Since their invention in London in 1841, bags made of natural leather have never gone out of fashion. Real leather is more durable than synthetic/plastic or fabric, has good wear & tear properties, and ages nicely. Today, luxury leather bags are commonly made from cowhide, whereas buffalo, snake or fish skins are usually reserved for exotic, exclusive and more expensive handbags. 

Don't be fooled about the quality of leather bags even if they are made of cowhide or calf leather (another fancy name for cowhide bags used by some bags manufacturers). There are highs and lows in leather bags prices and it all depends on which layer of the cowhide the bag is sawn from. Please refer to our article “ Why We Love Leather Bags” for more information about different leather types.


In a well sawn bag the stitches are clean, straight, aligned to the edges and don't pull the fabric (or bag lining). The best way to assess the quality of stitching is by looking inside the bag. If you can see double stitches, or overly tight thread, or thread coming too close to the edges, rest assured the manufacturer saved money on essential craftsmanship. Such bag will not hold value over time.
Also, have a look at the lining and how it is attached to the bottom. If the lining is not attached, it means it will move a lot and you can easily lose your particulars in there. In high quality bags the lining should be attached. This helps keep your stuff organised and easy to see.


The quality of hardware is a good overall indicator of the bag quality. Is the handle reinforced with metal elements? Are there feet to protect the base from scratching against hard surfaces or floors?
Any custom-molded hardware means is was specially made for the bag and will usually indicate a longer lifetime.
Zippers are another important aspect of a well made bag. The zipper needs to be attached in a clean way, work smoothly without the lining getting stuck.

Handles, Straps & Finishing

Bag straps and handles are most prone to wearing off since not only they carry the weight of the bag contents, but they are also frequently touched and carried for extended periods of time, so their quality should not be overlooked when choosing the best bag.
Straps and handles of leather bags usually have painted edges that cover the stitches and protect the sides from coming apart. In high quality leather bags, like VIVER Leather bags, edge painting is done by hand, therefore it is more precise and better quality.

Last but not least, is the branding of the bag. Traditionally, luxury leather bags brands, like Furla bags and VIVER bags, have the logos specially crafted from metal and individually attached to the bag. This involves extra level of craftsmanship and adds value because unlike gold tone painting seen in many brands of leather bags, it does not come off easily meaning your bag will give you a reliable service and retain its original shape and qualities for a very long time.

As always, price is often not a sole indicator of the bag quality. So shop with your eyes open. Now that you know the factors that make a high quality bag, we hope you will choose one that will delight you in every respect.

This article was prepared by Viver Leather. Copyright reserved.