Well, we all know that black is black and every woman needs a black handbag in her wardrobe. “Black works with everything and it’s always in” is often the reason why we decide to invest in the staple black handbag before considering other colours.

But how about if you are wearing a black dress or a dark brown suit? Black will blend with the outfit and potentially lose the power to add an elegant accent to your ensemble. While we do not underestimate the versatility of the black handbag, there is another colour that you may find more useful.

It’s a Tan Handbag by Viver Leather.

Why VIVER tan bag?

- Because tan is just as versatile as black and it works with most tones of your wardrobes, while black does not.

- Plus, VIVER handbags are made of premium leather meaning they will give you great mileage (something that luxury Italian brands of premium leather bags are known for).

- Finally, VIVER bags are distinguished by elegant, graceful and charming designs – essential component of truly classic and feminine wardrobes.

View VIVER collection of classic tan leather handbags.

And if you need any help with how to accessorize your outfit with a tan handbag, here are a few useful tips:

  1.  Tan handbags work beautifully with all neutral colours, such as black, navy, olive, brown, cream and white
  2.  Tan handbags make a stylish accessory for summer and winter wardrobes
  3.  Tan handbags are true neutral colours accessories for both classic and business wardrobes
  4.  Tan handbags add a level of sophistication without making the ensemble too dull or too bright
  5.  Tan handbags without any pattern harmonise with monochrome or multicolour print outfits
  6.  Tan handbags warm up black and brown outfits. Something the black bag is not capable of doing
  7.  Tan handbags may vary in colours from beige to mid-brown and cognac, and all of these shades are incredibly useful when accessorising casual and formal outfits.

As you can see, tan-coloured handbags offer great versatility which means you'll get a lot of use out of a VIVER tan bag. And as a bonus, it will give you a reliable and long lasting service, adding an elegant and sophisticated look to your everyday ensembles.

This article was prepared by Viver Leather. Copyright reserved.