Fact: Leather bags have never gone out of fashion. Since their invention in London in 1841, leather bags have enjoyed enduring popularity thanks to the properties exclusive to natural leather. Exceptional durability, resistance to wear, strength and beautiful aging individual to the owner, make leather bags a perfect gift to spoil yourself or your loved one, when high quality is paramount.

Despite different animal hides and different preserving and tanning processes, as a material per se leather has unique characteristics. No wonder why the world's most luxurious handbag brands choose to work with leather of different kinds. It is a smart investment if you want your bag to give you a long lasting and reliable service, elevating your style in the most beautiful way.

So this is why we love leather bags:

Leather is a natural material, therefore it gives this warm feeling when in touch with your skin. Imagine a sofa made of natural leather. It has a hug-like touch when you sit, unlike a sofa made of synthetic leather. Despite of advanced engineering methods available these days for manufacturing high quality synthetic leather goods, natural leather is still way ahead when it comes to the pleasure of holding it close to your skin. No wonder why natural leather household products have immense popularity when it comes to premium quality. The same with natural leather bags – they are never cold and retain neutral temperature.

Leather is very durable. Depending on leather quality (see the article “Four Types Of Leather”), you can enjoy well crafted leather products for a lifetime with proper care. Just like leather saddles are made to last, so the highest quality leather bags last a very long time.

Leather is breathable, flexible and resistant to wear. Depending on the processing method, some leathers are more rigid than others, therefore more resistant to knocks and scrapes. For example, Full Grain or Top Grain Leather (the very top layers of the animal skin) are generally stronger, and therefore more durable. They may preserve natural marks of the animal, especially around the spots of insect bites. Genuine leather in contrast, is more flexible and easier to detail when folded, which makes it a perfect material for well made leather bags.

Leather develops a beautiful patina over time. This is individual to every bag and its owner, thus appearance of fine wrinkles should be regarded as a natural process of leather aging, and not a defect of any kind. As you use the bag, it becomes the keeper of your own story, making it a valuable accessory to take along as you both know each other the best.

By buying a leather bag, you make a smart investment into better quality so your bag becomes your best accessory where ever life brings you next.

This article was prepared by Viver Leather. Copyright reserved.